How would you pay your mortgage if something happened to you?  Your home may be your most valuable asset.  Protecting your mortgage could be the wisest move you ever make.  Only $2 a day pays your mortgage due to Critical Illness like heart attack, stroke, cancer and more, Chronic Illness that prevents you from performing 2 activities of daily living, Terminal Illness, Long Term Care or death with 100% CASH BACK if the protection isn't needed.  Most use the cashback to pay off the mortgage years early, saving thousands of dollars!  Mortgage Protection is a simple, affordable way to ensure your mortgage is at no risk of foreclosure should the unexpected occur. A simple 5-minute application puts your protection in place and gives you peace of mind.  Call/Text Now!  919-230-2130


Reap the benefits of investing without the risk of losing your nest egg.  If you are planning for retirement and have any money exposed to the stock market in a vehicle like a CD, Money Market, IRA, or former 401K, chances are you worry that the market will drop, and you do not want to take the loss.  The good news is that there is something you can do about it!

The FIA (Fixed Index Annuity) is the fastest growing financial tool in the retirement industry today because it's designed to eliminate market loss while allowing you to capture upside market gains. When the market goes up, your account goes up, so you won't miss out on future gains, but your account remains level when the market goes down.



Every day families are faced with the difficult task of saying goodbye to loved ones.  Most people don't want to leave the burden of paying burial and funeral service expenses for their families.  Having a burial coverage plan in place can be a loving and very considerate thing to do for your loved ones.  NEW Low-Cost burial coverage saves clients up to 70% and NOW provides the coverage you can use while still living by paying you upfront for Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care, and Terminal Illness.  If you have term life insurance, it will expire.  You don't own job coverage, and if you leave, you have nothing, so you may want to consider securing burial coverage.